Problem solvers…

Every leader gets exactly the team they deserve. Want a better team? Become a better leader. Fact. There is no getting around this truth. Everything, and I mean everything, rises and falls on leadership.

Recently, a strong leader/doer learned a bit more about how to take his signature strength and build it into his teammates. You see, this dude is really sharp and gets stuff about as fast as any I’ve been blessed to build beside. We review something once – He gets it. This is not normal. He is elite and knows it – Normal. We are working on him building teammates so they won’t need him. The very thought of this causes him to shudder. Me too, truth be told. I mean come on man, who doesn’t love having a team that depends on them. It feels good to be the man, you know. So, everyday, I’ve got to slay my ego and remind myself that the work of the builder is building strong leaders even stronger, to the point where they think it’s all their idea – “what do the hell we need Chet for anymore? We got this.” Yes this is the aim.

You see, friend, your job as a leader is to build your team so strong that they tell themselves – “I got this. What does leader xyz do, anyway?” Your problem, if you’re a normal leader, is you’ve still got an ego to feed. Stop enjoying the sense that you’re needed and create a team that does not need you. You want a better team, right? Teach them how to think. Make them do what they can, remember. Make them solve their own stuff. Do this by mastering the art of greeting their problems with questions, not solutions. Your job, leader, is not to solve shit. Your team does not need you to fix them, neither does your bride, brother, or partner, do they?

Your job is to build better problem solvers. Stop telling them what to do and master the art of getting them to figure it out and tell themselves, “Yeah, I got this.” Your aim is to surround yourself with strong, interdependent teammates. Your aim is to come together and collaborate. Your aim is to create a community of interdependent relationship that come together because they want to, because they know each other strengths, and cover each other’s weaknesses. Your aim is to create a team of peers. Your aim is to create chemistry and flow, right? Want a better team? Stop giving out answers like candy and replace ‘em with curious questions. Become a better leader. Stop solving problems and start building problem solvers.

Build problem solvers. You got this. Good…

1 thought on “Problem solvers…

  1. so true
    others mastering their craft (teamates) love to help if you let them.
    so simple but fraught with ego as the biggest hurdle then impatience
    at least that is the case for me.

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