Distinct and deeply connected or distinct and disconnected…

High performers are not normal. Rarely, do they fit in. Oftentimes they exclude those they’ve previously held close. High performers have climbed into some rare, oftentimes, unoccupied air and have moved from being distinct to appearing distant. Elite performers are exceptional and oftentimes belong to exclusive clubs. All American, All pro, HOF, CEO, President, Owner, Founder, Spartan, SEAL, Jayhawk, or Buckeye. Exclusive clubs are where elite take up residence and form all kinda relations. Community comes behind closed doors where elite performers sharpen one another and grow closer in the process. All is good as these like minded souls strengthen and stretch on the road toward becoming a band of brothers.

Elite’s underbelly is exposed here.

SEAL’s, as an example, suffer a 90% divorce rate. CEO’s and Presidents are not far behind. Elite performers gotta learn they are the definition of the “damn few.” They have to learn how to be inclusive with those they hold closest. This seems obvious from the comfort and community found in the valley. However, try noticing the nuance when you occupy the corner office, and you’ll learn it’s not nearly so easy at altitude. Elite have to understand becoming ONE is always easier in the locker room whether it’s with SEAL’s, Jayhawks, or your local Y.P.O.! Elite performers gotta keep perspective and not believe their own bullshit or their teams.

Elite’s underbelly is subtle. Elite performers have worked really hard to climb to the peak, the pinnacle of their league. They’ve moved from normal to good. They’ve climbed from good to great. They’ve worked their way from great men/women to becoming masters commited to excellence. Finally, they’ve mastered their craft to the nth degree and have reached some kinda elite status. They stand out in a crowd. Subtlely the creep begins. They begin to allow the accolades in and look down a bit more.

Elite’s underbelly is the fine line in becoming ONE. Yes, it is always a fine line between being ONE, distinct and deeply connected, to becoming ONE, distinct and disconnected. Do not miss this. This could be huge. The road toward mastery is the one you want and yet it too comes with a series of unintended consequences. Elite performers gotta tune into those closest to them. Elite performers gotta tune into those close and not in the club, so to speak. Elites gotta really tweak their tuneage at home and dial down intensity while dialing up their ability to be interested.

God, help me keep striving for excellence and keep perspective. God, help me fight the enemy of pride. God, help me help my family, friends, and clients see the underbelly in them. God, help us all hear the yearning in those closest to us. God, help us move from a lone toward all One – one L of a difference…

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