Compliant to committed…

Every leader wants a committed team of followers. I mean come on man, who doesn’t want a team ready to run through walls for them? So, friend, why do we rarely see such an outfit? Why do most teams do just enough to get by, keep their job, keep their heads down and lay low? Why?

Because most teams are led by motivated leaders. Motivated leaders get, at best, a motivated team. Whatever level of motivation the leader possesses, you can be assured the team will have a little bit less. So, stop trying so hard leader. You cannot motivate another human, at least not for long. Stop trying to give another what they can only get from themselves. Instead, find more inspiration from the depths of your soul. Breathe some fresh breath into your lungs and let it manifest into something more. Care deeply for your cause. Care deeply for those carrying it out alongside you. Get curious when you notice some not owning their twenty square feet up to your standard.

Ask them.

Ask them what’s going on and then sit quietly and listen to them. Ask them to tell you more and sit still. Ask them what they’re gonna do with what they discover through this deep dive within. Ask them. Stop telling them so much of your good shit that they hear and translate as simply more bullshit. Ask them. Meet them where they are and lift them up with good, curious, caring questions. Hit them between the eyes with some good, caring, challenging questions. Sit in and listen to their bullshit or truth. Correct them and encourage them. This is your job. Convince them that they have the way forward. Make them do what they can. Make them write you, or others, their plan for taking up their game. Inspect what you expect. Push the tension to them. Rinse and repeat.

Stop telling. Ask them. Committed teammates care deeply. Committed teammates listen to their own voice. Committed teammates are inspired by a leader who makes them lead themselves to the promised land. I mean come on man, you and I are not God, are we?

Want to move your team from compliant to committed? Stop telling. Ask them. Good.

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