Clear why’s…

Today we went back to why we’re here with a team of leaders moving toward all one. The team was asked, by me, to play back why BTL is here facilitating one on one practice, one on a few team practices, and one on many team practices. They came close to understanding why but still missed the mark. When I asked them if their team understood why they were leading them, they were unclear. When I asked them to connect me to their why, most of them were not clear. Clear why’s endure difficult how’s. Clear why’s matter more. Are yours?

Your team can deal with nearly any of your how’s when they have crystal clarity around your why. Your team cannot have crystal clarity unless you have even more. Do you? There is no way to become BTL without knowing who you are, why you’re here, and where you’re going. Do you? You cannot take a team further than you’ve gone yourself. Do you believe this? What got you here will not take you to the promised land unless, in your mind, you’re already in the land of milk and honey. Are you? Stop demanding how from a team unclear about why. Are you?

Life is comprised of love and loss. Loss is inevitable. Love is a choice. Do you know why love matters more? If your why is fear based, it will last for a season or two. Fear wears everyone out over time and through adversity. Fear takes a mighty toll. Love endures. The more your why is fueled by love the longer and stronger the flame. Fact. The truth is that only the leader who has an abundance of love can deal with any how. Do you? Slow down and sit with these questions for awhile. Slow down, leader, and reflect. Seriously, why you in such a rush?

Love your work. Love your team. Live hard. Love harder (Thanks Teeks)…

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