Producer led…

Yesterday, during practice 25, we talked about the term “Producer led” and what it means. We discovered, together, that it means many things. This is not surprising when you think about it. As Anais Nin said many moons ago – “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”

When it comes to your company, community, team, or family, wouldn’t it be great, leader, if we saw you mostly as someone there to serve the greater good? Producer led, just like President led, or Head Coach led, is best led when it means servant led. Your position does not exist to give you a one up position to power over people. Your position exists to give you a platform from which to serve. How do you see your position? How does your team? When was the last time you got curious, invited feedback, asked the team to tell you more, and offered zero resistance to hard truth?

Model the way. Embrace pain and suffering. Embody truth in Love.

Master these principles, Producer, President, Head Coach. Get in the habit of saying follow me as you lead the bayonet charge down your figurative “Little Roundtop.” Ask your hungry teammates when they were last fed, as Colonel Chamberlain did with his new team of mutineers. Listen to hard truth, speak it too, and love the good work you are blessed to bring to this world. Your team will see you however they are, regardless. Enough will see through their bias, prejudice, and previous experiences with power, to see something different. Enough will see and catch your inspiration. A few will begin to believe. Freakin’ magic in the making, you’ll see.

Love your work. Love your team. Love harder (Thanks Teeks)…

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