We are here to flip the script on your energy. You see, friend, humans naturally run on fear. We come in crying because we’re afraid nobody’s gonna hold and feed us. We fear the outsider, future, chaos, and coming and going without leaving a mark. We run on fear. As we watched in OSU grappler practice 94 last night, most of us are more like Harold Abrahams than Eric Liddell. Harold ran because it was his weapon to prove his worth. He ran because he feared he was not enough.

Eric ran too. They were the two fastest in the world back in 1919. Eric ran because he felt God’s pleasure when he did. He would run like the wind and as he reached his stride he would tilt his head toward the Heavens and a smile would crease his face as he pushed himself to the edge of the envelope. Eric ran on his second nature. You see, friends, fear works for a season, two, or thirty even. Love fuels for a lifetime.

I want the culture of love not fear. This is the entire point of BTL practice. Life is an energy management problem. Run on love, friend. Move from a lone toward all one – one L of a difference. The difference is always love. So, do not settle for what is well within your reach. You are meant for greatness and are designed to do more than you think. You are meant to push the envelope and find the outer edges of your capacity. You are meant to push hard for performance all around you too. You and I, unlike the rest of the animal kingdom, are at our best when we go against our nature, when we build a better, second nature. The ancients had a word for this second nature – they called it virtue. So, friend, build a strong performance culture, a virtuous one, and make sure it’s fueled by love not fear. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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