Nothing worth possessing has ever been given. My Mom, back in the day, reminded me of this thought on a regular basis. She told me not to expect people, God, or the universe to give me my hearts desire. She told me to earn it. She told me to work hard for what I wanted and her stories of the Dust Bowl, Great Depression, and how her Mom and Brother made it on their own, seared me for life. I am lucky to have had a Mom and mentor who made me do what I can at an early age. I was small and scrawny and she made me believe it didn’t matter. She taught me how to compete. Oftentimes, I’m amazed how many talented teammates seem to be missing this critical ingredient. They have not built a competitive character.

You, friend, must compete everyday, every possession, every play, every match, every game, every opportunity, against every opponent. You cannot switch it off and on. Your competitive character is engraved by your habits. There are no guaranteed wins regardless how many times you’ve taken ‘em down.

It might help to remember a little Lao Tzu – “If you wish to be out front, act as if you were behind.” Compete. Everyday. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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