Mirror neurons…

You are defined by the people you hold closest to you. We are social animals with tons of mirror neurons, meaning we can’t help but be influenced by those in close proximity, especially those whose eyes pierce our own. Surround yourself with strong characters. Of course, they will not stay for long if your character is weak – never stop building within your core. Never stop stretching, reaching, and pushing against perceived limits. Never stop…

This morning, like every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, a handful of strong men gathered in the 3PP to make each other do more. None of us would do what we did this morning on our lonesome. None of us has the individual will to push ourself that far into the pain zone. Together, however, it’s another story. Watching Kevin do pull ups makes my back stronger. Seeing downer do heavies, after we’ve all dropped, makes me want to do better. Listening to jmo count out ball pups, quiets the alarms going off in my weak mind. Seeing Slo doing his lunges without stopping, makes me keep counting and listening to the Governor count mountain climbers, since Blondie is away in the warmth of another sun, makes my imagination fast forward to 90 short days from now when together we’ll be tackling our first Alpine pass of France trois.

Build inner strength, friend. Hang out with strong men/women. Surround yourself with people that make you reach. Last night, Grappy rode away from us as we trained on Sherborne lane. I smiled as I admired his strength and stamina. He makes me want more. It is good to run with big dogs, even when you’re out of breath and struggling mightily to keep up. If you want to level up, friend, develop the habit of getting comfortable on the down elevator. Surround yourself with people that can pull you up, especially when you can’t keep up. Be happy for those ahead of you. Smile as they pass you by. And, click it up a gear. Look them in the eyes. Grab some strength from their mirror neurons.

Together we transform. Together we do more. Together we create flow moments that carry us along as we absorb strength from each other. You and your team are transforming together. Choose your inner circle wisely, leader. Hire strong character and competence – the kind that’s going to make you dig deep to hang with. Together we transform. Always together. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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