Get Back on Your Horse!


This past week I had the opportunity to work with an Elite Team leading a Billion Dollar plus business that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their days are packed with meetings, heavy travel schedules and the challenging issues and emergencies that can derail any day if not managed well. As I engaged with the team I knew I wanted to write about this full day of work with this Elite Team and making sure I was capturing the essence of what makes this team so darn good!

Number one, this team faces the same challenges that you face every day, working in a very competitive environment, competing for market share, constantly working to improve their systems, processes and finding great talent in order to grow. This team has Big Dreams, Clarity of Vision and Goals that would make most teams weak at the knees. AND this is that one difference that I see with this team that makes them so darn good…they NEVER SETTLE…they’re constantly setting higher standards, a higher bar, and are relentlessly, passionately striving to achieve their Big Dreams and Goals as a team and the Over Arching Vision of the Company.

Dr. Henry Cloud famously said, “Remember, you get what you create, as well as what you allow. So create connection and do not allow disconnectedness.”AND the leader of this Elite team has done just what Henry Cloud is describing in this quote, he poured himself into his team, meeting over dinners, early morning breakfast, one on one coaching sessions with each member of the team, follow up notes that clearly lay out his expectations, tough caring conversations that we like to describe as “BTL Style, CCD, CLEAR, CONCISE and DIRECT.”  This didn’t just happen overnight! I can remember coaching sessions where team members expressed their own self-doubts, frustrations and not understanding what the leader really wanted of them!

And trust me, this leader was never going to settle for a mediocre team!  He stayed the course and continued to meet with his team, pouring himself into each team member and building on small wins and embracing the pain of those tough direct conversations. He has what is described almost every day in our BTL Blogs…a Rock Solid Inner CORE and it gave him the courage, desire and mental toughness to build this team into ONE Distinct and Deeply Connected Team.

At one of the breaks I shared with the leader what I observed as being one of the key attributes of this team, their mental resiliency, their mental toughness and what his thoughts were in terms of HOW one builds that resiliency.  He did not hesitate one second in his response.

“For me it’s about having a strong Faith, I rely on my Faith for guidance, strength and courage. We also have a saying here in Texas, when the horse bucks you off you get up and get back on the horse, you don’t ask the horse WHY you bucked me off, you don’t analyze the horse, you just get your butt back on the horse. AND, I rely on this team, they give me courage, they give me strength and WE ARE a TEAM!”

How self-aware are you in terms of your own mental resiliency? Are you giving courage and strength to your teammates? Do you have a Rock Solid COREthat consistently guides you in those Moments of Truth? Are you getting up off your butt and getting back in the game or ruminating, analyzing and living in victimhood? Take a moment and answer a few of these questions and begin building your self-awareness. 

  • Who are you pouring yourself into?
  • Who needs your support, courage and inspiration?
  • Who is one of your Truth Tellers that you can rely on for CCD feedback?
  • Do you ask for feedback regularly?
  • Are you settling for mediocrity?


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