Recently I had the chance to listen to Doc Potterat, former Navy SEAL’s crazy psychologist. Doc Potterat is super smart and fun to listen to. He knows his stuff and I always learn something when he speaks. We don’t always agree in the details which is not problematic at all. For instance, when he talked to one of my clients about the traits of not just the 1% elite performers but the 20% of the 1%, he shared that the first trait is the best of the best focus on their identities instead of reputation. He’s close but we think some additional clarity is warranted.

At BTL, we believe identity is just one of the elements of your figurative core. It is not the whole enchilada, nor is it the opposite of reputation. Character is.

Lets be clear. Identity matters and it matters a great deal, it’s just not the polar opposite of repution. Reputation is what others call you. For instance, “He’s a truth teller who knows his stuff when it comes to insurance,” would be an example of what others might think of you in regards to your production. Your reputation is what others name you or think of you. It may be accurate. It may be miles from the mark. Your identities are the names you’ve given yourself. You may see yourself as a top 1% performer in your system and call yourself a pro’s pro. You may be delusional, dead on the money, or somewhere in between. Your character is who you are when no one sees. Character is who you really are. The crucible reveals your true character. What comes out of you under pressure reveals, in essence, what has been in you all along. Focus here, friend. You cannot control your reputation. You control your character. Here are the elements of your figurative core, by way of reminder. Build here.

Worldview – your deepest held beliefs, Identity – the names you call yourself, Principles – the values that guide you in your everyday, passions – your list of love to’s that energize you through the good, bad, and ugly, purposes – your big why’s for work/life, and process – your playbook of productive action that tightens up all the elements. Build your core. Become someone commited to building a more virtuous character within. You control your character. Stop worrying what others think of you and, instead, focus on what habits you are engraving on your heart. Focus here. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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