Arthur was curious…..

In 1974 Arthur Fry was singing in his local choir and he was using small scraps of paper to mark the 8 or 9 hymns they would sing that morning. When Arthur stood up and turning to the hymns, some of the scraps of paper fell to the floor and presented an annoying situation. This problem stuck with him on his way home from church and how he might fix it.  It was a small problem but he was curious about what he could do and the next morning he went to work and discussed the problem with a friend who worked in the adhesive division of the company they both worked for, The 3M Corporation. It wasn’t to long after they developed an enormously successful product, the POST IT NOTE! Obviously a huge invention and it started with some curiosity and a baby step, a small first step.

How many times have you committed to start something and became overwhelmed by the bigger problem? We see it all the time, the individual who needs to lose 40 or 50 lbs. and they commit to a big audacious goal of losing that 50 lbs. and never taking the first step.

I hear it every day in my work:

  • I have not finished my education and I want it more than anything, it just doesn’t seem to happen for me……you know how it goes… when am I going to find the time? (Get curious, what is ONE small step you could take to start the process of doing one course on line?)
  • I used to exercise all the time but I don’t have time right now? (How long would it take you as a first step to walk around a block (15 min.) and string together 4 or 5 nights and getting into a routine)
  • I know I need to read more, learn more but I’m just not into reading! (Get curious, find something of interest, read one page and right one sentence as to what you learned, do it again each day for a week, one page that’s it, 7 days later you have a small win!)

Arthur Fry did not set out to invent the Post it Note, he was just curious about solving an annoying little problem while singing in the choir. He got curious and took the first step, he asked for help.

Be more self-aware—Be more curious—Take one small step!

Chinese Proverb:

You cut one blade of grass, you shake the universe.

2 thoughts on “Arthur was curious…..

  1. At Pebble Beach. Just finished a run around the perimeter of the course…my last training run before tomorrows Big Sur Marathon. The training starts with small baby step, just a mile or so at the beginning. Actually the big race is exactly the same. Simple small steps … just a few more of them (about 58,000 steps for 26.2 miles). But it’s still all the same. One more mile. One more sale. One more contract. One small step at a time.

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