This post is for those who might benefit from seeing my OPUS which is distinctly mine AND very much deeply connected to Chet’s.

Band together AND become ONE with a few who are core-centered and committed to purpose.

Collectively become “fully alive” in alignment with St. Irenaeus’ decklaration.

Learn: 15 hours a week reading, watching and writing is the expectation. Shadow another builder every quarter.
Earn: Prepare for every practice with the intention of moving them forward, perpetual improvement is the aim. Choose responsibility over empathy, challenge them more.
Return: Be giving of your blessings in a myriad of ways.

… writing words of affirmation to themselves.
… doing their real–hard–work.
… taking action in alignment with their OPUS.
… grabbing the reigns and leading a practice.
… referring me to someone else.

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