Cascade this…

I’m not a big believer in most popular business practices. Here’s but one. Most businesses cascade goals, especially numeric ones. In other words the top dog sets the global goal and the country managers take their piece and cascade the goals down the line. So, by the time you have your annual goal setting meeting with your manager, she already has her number and simply gives you yours. Your goal has been set for you.

This is not a goal.

The truth is the only goal that gets a human going is the one she sets for herself. Remember another law of human nature – we mostly listen to our voice; yours and mine, not so much. So, leader, if you want to create a team of 1%’ers, don’t tell them what to shoot for. Instead, connect them to your big dream that is well beyond this fiscal years objectives or goals. Connect them to the O of your opus – your Overarching vision. Dream big and do lots of little things in service to it. Dream and do.

Inspire the team to do likewise. The best way to create 5X performers is to stop trying. Unleash them. Set them free. Unbridle them. Launch them. Inspire them with your big dream and get comfortable just this side of chaos. Yeah, baby. Last night during team practice 281, I heard a team of high performers dreaming and doing in alignment with their leaders. We were blown away by the clarity with which they recounted his opus and recited their own. No wonder they are not normal and setting records. You see, friend, this leader has figured it out. He doesn’t sit around cascading goals. He’s elevated the aim. He’s cascading meaning. Opus, your labor of love, is a meaning maker. Cascade this. Cascade meaning.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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