Weird wins…

Nearly everyday in some BTL team practice, I announce one of the primary aims of our work is we want to make you a weirdo. Lots of sideway glances come my way. Here’s why. Most of us are simply trying to fit in, so why in the world we want to make this task more difficult! This makes no sense. I mean, come on man, most of us walk into new situations, occupations, classrooms, teams, and even parties, and exercise our spidey senses without thinking. We burn brain cycles trying to find the norm. We don’t want to standout or seem like we’re somehow out of place. You see, friend, we are all hard wired to belong. So, we try to.

The problem with this is so obvious most humans miss it.

None of is is wired to belong everywhere with everyone. So, the best bet to finding your pack begins by focusing not on who you’re with, what works here, or any of that stuff, but instead figuring out who you are and becoming more and more the unique, distinct, and weird one that you are. We are hard wired to belong and become, remember. It’s just easier to focus on fitting in which is why normal humans fixate here. Don’t be normal. Put first things first. Focus on figuring out who you are and becoming the original you are meant to become. Build a stronger sense of self by building a strong, BTL core. Are you?

When we study excellence, the highest performing teams are in fact a collection of weirdos. U2 are one but they’re not the same. Your team, if it’s worth remembering, will not be focused on making you fit in. Nope, it won’t. Your team leader, if she’s BTL, will be figuring out how to help you embrace your unique abilities, your weirdness, and connect with others who are weird in their own way. Distinct and deeply connected is the kind of oneness we believe in. Great teams are a collection of weird ones who come together in complimentary, collaborative, and chemistry creating combinations. Yeah, baby.

Distinct and deeply connected, becoming BTL. Weird, yes. And weird is the one we want when we begin to unpack our nature and understand what it takes to build a better one. I hope this is beginning to make more sense, friends. Stop trying to fit in. Build your BTL core. Author your opus. Focus on becoming and when you figure out where you belong, nobody will have to tell you, you’ll be weird, you will know it. You see, it turns out that aiming at normal never made much sense. Nobody even knows what normal is, right? Here’s what we do know, friends. Weird wins. Focus here. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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