Excellence is not the opposite of failure – not failing is. The surest way to avoid failing is to play not to lose, mitigate risk, and do what you know you can do easily. Excellence demands more, much more.

Excellence is you at your best and can only be obtained when you do more than you think, take calculated risks, fill your heart with more love than fear, surround yourself with truth tellers who encourage and correct in just the right ratios, and when you get joy from learning to do hard things well. Excellence is idiosyncratic. There is not anothers formula to follow here. We cannot simply imitate anothers way and have it lead to our highest and best way. We have to study ourselves, surround ourselves with transformational teammates, deepen our understanding of our way, and enjoy nuancing it to an even better iteration of our way. We have to find joy in the pursuit of better. And, not better so we can look down on others, but better so we have more to give others.

Excellence is you at your best. Only you can lead you down this path. Only you have insight into you. Others can help illuminate a blindspot, but only you can let the light in and reflect it out to the world. Others will help but you’ve got to decide to let them. God didn’t make a mistake when He made you. He made you beautifully and uniquely to become the original you already are. You are free to believe this or leave it all behind. You choose. Your choices have consequences. As for me, I’m going to keep working, keep playing, keep giving more than I take, keep laughing and loving; loathing, not so much. Today, I am choosing to be me at my best. I am choosing excellence. I am choosing better. How ‘bout you? Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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