Long piece of vomit…

When Bob Dylan went to Woodstock, back in the day, he was lost. He wasn’t sure of his identity or purpose. He thought he could be a playwright, write novels, songs, or whatever else piqued his artistic interest. He wanted to become a master but was unclear of his domain. I see Dylan’s everyday in BTL. Every. Day. All. Day.

Dylan found clarity by writing narratives, not bullet points. According to him, “I find myself writing this song. This long piece of vomit that’s twenty pages long. And out of it I took the song Like A Rolling Stone and made it a single. I’d never written anything like it before. And it suddenly came to me that this was what I should do. After writing that, I wasn’t interested in writing a novel or a play or anything else. I knew like, I had too much…I wanted to write songs.”

Do not allow yourself to sit in sorrow suffering some kind of writers block. Get the words out of your head and onto some screen. Lion’s know they are lions. None of them contemplate a vegan diet or wish they were something they’re not. We humans are unique, made in the image of God, and given the gift and curse of choice. We can move from whatever Savannah we were born and become whomever we desire, if we’re willing to endure pain and suffering along the way. We are mostly limited by our will and lacking clarity of the way. This is why, at BTL, we begin our work with you by making you write. We know there is power in your pen. Words matter. Words bring clarity to thoughts and feelings. Words are kindling for souls to catch fire. Your words, that is.

So, today, do not delay, delegate, or delete the act of finding your way. You are meant to find your voice, sing your song, and attack life like a Lioness. You are meant to figure out who God made you to become and give it to the world. You will receive more than you give when you build yourself into a core centered and self controlling human being. You will receive more when you give the world your best work – your labor of love – your opus. So, go on. Get started. Write that worldview 1.0, for how you make sense of the world. Throw it up, those ruminating thoughts of yours. Get moving. Remember, a rolling stone grows no moss. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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