Insatiable curiosity…

I didn’t know the term baccalaureate was derived from the bay leave. I did not know that jeans made it over to America with Columbus. I didn’t know Peter and Paul were martyred on the same day in June, 67 AD. I didn’t have any idea that way back in the day, 80,000 Romans would proceed through the 80 gates of The Colosseum in less than five minutes. I didn’t know Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel standing upright, not lying down. I learned so much from walking the streets of ancient Roma with a 32 year old named Antonio Sorentino. He is part neuroscientist and part architect. He’s currently studying how the brain is changed by architecture. I know my friend, Brett, would have loved to hear all of Antonio’s stories about the affect good design has on the brain. So cool to walk Roma with someone so curious.

There is no cure to insatiable curiosity. Thank God…

Last summer, Miss, Tay, and I invested eight hours over two days with young Antonio learning all about Ancient Rome. He was quite the informative teacher. I asked him, toward the end of our tour, how much of his learning came from University vs from his curiosity. You already know the answer, don’t you? He told me, of course incredulously, that 90% of his education has been satisfying his own curiosity. The university only teaches us how to learn. Most of your sticky learning will come from solitary confinement, so to speak. Most of mine has come from this well worn chair in my crazy, cluttered, and cramped quarters known as our home office. It doesn’t look organized to the untrained eye, but it is. I love learning in here so I can apply it out there. Study. Learn. Apply. Remember?

So, friend, if you want to build mastery in your domain, don’t forget to follow up whatever professional development you’ve had with your own sense of curiosity. Ask yourself what you want to know more about and get busy getting after it. Study. Learn. Apply. I’m currently reading Pioneers, McCullough’s latest, and the story of the early Ohio settlers. So much history to learn about those that dream and do. We love studying those that dream and do, dream and do, and dream and do some more. We, at BTL, are insatiably curious about the roots of sustained high performance individuals, teams, and leaders. We know quite a lot compared to most. We’ve got much more to learn. We appreciate being beside other curious masters like young Antonio and many of you. Thank you for your insatiable curiosity toward mastering your craft. We’ll see you on the road, our insatiably curious friends. See you on the road.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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