We came. We climbed. We conquered.

Miss, Andrew, Downer, Littlest Fricker, Blondie, Doc Guv, and I climbed mountains together and on our own. We departed together, climbed at our own pace, reconvened at the summit, and rinsed and repeated for nine, glorious days. Our favorite new climb was Plan du Lac, a 15 km quiet, hairpin filled beauty and beast. When Littlest and I arrived (him first) at the summit, we decided to descend a few meters down the backside, past the Hippie bar and take in the sights and sounds. For a brief moment we said nothing as we stared in awe filled worship of God’s great creation.


We heard not a thing for a brief moment. We enjoyed silence and beauty together. The flowers were popping out of the rock filled, grassy slopes as if Angels had sprinkled the seedlings in some kind of purposeful arrangement. The snow was quietly melting, sun was shining brightly, and the sky was deep blue. The silence and beauty juiced us to our weakened cores. We took it in and smiled at each other as we both were thinking the same thing – Gratitude.


We came. We climbed. We conquered. And, we realized (again) that we are, in fact, not in control. We came because Captains flew us, cars drove us, and bikes carried us. We came because Martine housed us, fed and watered us. We climbed because bikes were geared specially for the endeavor, energy bars fueled us, signs guided us, and we put in the work prior to taking on the task. We conquered together. None of us is as strong as all of us. When twigs tired, minds weakened, and lungs were left breathless, a cry of “Bon jour, pussycats” from across the mountain would inspire a return of “Bon jour, Louie.” We talked even when we couldn’t see each other. We connected. Our connection carried us when our own wills were weakened. We carried each other even though we each had to go it a lone. We learned so much as we came, climbed, and conquered together. We go home stronger even though bodies and bikes betrayed us. We go home stronger because of we. Together we transform. Always we.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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