Here’s a test for you. Name a company that has been around for 260 years. Talk about narrowing the field, huh.

This company has been both brilliant and “good for you” and me. They’ve innovated new technologies that have transformed not only their company but their entire industry. They pioneered social justice before the term had been coined. In the 18th century they had health care benefits that companies like Google and Microsoft can’t even touch today. They had their own Doctors and their Doctors not only made house calls on the lowest level workers, they made presentations to the Board on doing even more. One of their Doctors, Dr. Lumsden, visited all 3000 employees homes in 1901 to determine how to improve living conditions. The sweeping reforms that he proposed were not only implemented for their employees but were also extended to the neighboring community. Are you kidding me?

Nope. And, there’s more.

This company produced leader after leader that had a heart for their work and a heart for giving back. A number of them would follow their calling into the ministry and travel around the world changing hearts and working conditions wherever they were. This company innovated quality control measures and distribution methods that were unheard of at the time. Some of their workers would literally travel with the product over seas and across deserts and record meticulous details to determine painstaking methods to improve the products quality and durability during shipping. Talk about an ownership mindset all you like – this is what it looks like. Good.

The founder of this company would start the first “Sunday Schools” that served to educate the poor and unfortunate of its day, establish an antidueling association, and make a product that was “good for you” and me. A product that would provide a healthy alternative to the two most popular and deadly drinks of its day – Gin and water. You see, friend, Dublin’s water supply was polluted and deadly. The Gin was plentiful and just as deadly. Dublin had a problem. God had an answer. So, Arthur, in the mid – 1700’s was walking the streets of Dublin pleading with God to do something about the drunkenness that was all around him. He heard God tell him to “make a drink that men will drink that will be good for them.” And so he did. Thank God for Arthur Guinness and his commitment to make a dark, nutrient rich beer for his brothers and sisters in Dublin and now throughout the world. Thank God. Thank Arthur.

Yes, Guinness is the same company that would one day give us the “book of records” too. It started, however, with a big dream by a normal Arthur and his willingness to follow his dream. He started Guinness in 1759 with a clear purpose. His purpose was to make a drink that men would drink, and that would be good for them. For those of you that are surprised that God and Guinness go together you will be very, very surprised. They go together quite well. Almost as well as a “Black and Tan,” or my personal favorite, a “Black and Blue.” Who knew?

Two hundred sixty years later his legacy remains. If you want to learn more about Arthur, his team, and the leaders that followed, check out a worthy read by Stephen Mansfield titled God and Guinness. You will be amazed. It will be good for you and me too.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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