Curious and open…

Charles Darwin was insatiably curious. His Priest, a dude named John Stevens Henslow, was incredibly open minded. Darwin was an outsider to the academic world of research and John was not your typical Priest either. John, it turns out, paved the way to get Charles on the HMS Beagle. He didn’t stop there. He challenged Darwin to read a controversial new book titled Principles of Geology, by Charles Lyell. This book would change the way Darwin thought about nature. The rest is history, as they say.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s first principle for genius is to become insatiably curious. David Epstein in his book titled Range, believes the first principle for building greatness in any endeavor is to be high in active open-mindedness. BTL believes in the power of anding. We study, learn, and apply. We do not marry what we believe or think we know. We stay curious and open. And, we are not easily swayed but are open to well thought out, factual, and logical arguments. We are insatiably curious about the essentials of excellence and remain open minded to learning more. We’ve learned a lot over the past 25 + years of study but we’ve only just begun. What peaks your curiosity, friend?

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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