One of my deeply held beliefs is around learning. I believe we are meant to be life long learners. None of us is enlightened. Some of us have simply learned to keep seeking light.

Modern man is learning stuff about the universe and uncovering incredible truths about artificial intelligence at an ever increasing rate. We are living in an amazing time of discovery. Self driving cars are coming fast and so much more. The modern world keeps bringing new possibilities into the hands of the many. We can get things done on our own, that just a few years ago were impossible without tons of others doing the heavy lifting. Yet we continue to self sabotage at alarming rates. It seems the more we make life easy, the harder it is to stay happy. With the opportunity to have so much done for us, we struggle to make our moments (especially our free ones) matter.

If you want to avoid shooting yourself in the foot, learn more about yourself than you do about other stuff. Study you. Know thyself, really know who you are. Self awareness is under valued. Oh, we certainly talk about it, get report after report about it, identify our personality in hundreds of new ways, and have 360 after 360 presented to us. We do not lack data. We’re not learning much, it would seem, if you study how frequently our most successful self destruct. So, friend, stop learning so much stuff about other things and other humans. Build self awareness. Study you. Seek truth, hard truth about your tendencies. Learn. Own your stuff. You see, you are your own worst enemy, at least that is my belief about all of us. Take the BTL challenge and study like you’ve learned that hard truth. Over time and through adversity, you will learn the magic of the really good life – becoming core centered and self controlling. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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