Emotions are contagious. We know this from study after study after study. If you are on a team that is always fighting to prove a point, doesn’t celebrate small wins, is unclear around why they’re doing whatever it is they’re repetitively doing, and greets each other with growls and furrowed brows, you are going to interpret how you’re feeling inside by looking around you. Unless you have built a super strong core, you will lose energy around these teammates. Fact. Normal humans simply catch the emotions of those in closest proximity.

Enter the social media age.

Do you see why it matters who you follow on twitter, instagram, snappy, and all the other online sites? Today you can become infected with negative emotions from far, far away. Guard your emotional state, friend. You are not a self contained unit, no matter how strong you are or how high your fortress. Your team has plenty of reasons (mostly irrational ones) to mail it in, stay distracted, and blame others instead of take responsibility. Don’t be that guy/gal – the one who just follows the herd mindlessly over the cliff.

Be the change.

Be the change, you want to see in your teams culture. Be the change. Choose your emotional state and find the positive. Remain calm by relying on your strong core, not feeding off weak cores all around, and focus, instead, on what you can control. All it takes is one, distinct and deeply connected who is becoming BTL, to turn the tide away from negativity and passivity toward performance and positivity. Be one. You most likely live on a team with plenty of negativity. Recognize this and reject it. Do not accept the negative emotions, instead, replace them with emotions from your informed core. Yeah, baby. Stand with clarity, confidence, conviction and competence. Let your effort communicate passion and purpose aimed at peak performance. Be an example of one who knows who they are and why they’re here. It won’t matter if you’re a vocal leader or a quiet one. Your actions and all of your being will ooze effort laced with emotions worth catching. As you model the way, at least a few will take notice. Some will become infected. Good. Be contagious, leader. Be worth catching. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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