Santorini and suffering…

Santorini, Greece is beauty beyond belief. Miss and I are here with our four adult children taking in the stunning sunrises/sunsets and basking in the beauty in between. I’m rereading the book titled The Road to Sparta, by Dean Karnazes while we’re here. So, I am juxtaposed at present. I am sitting in the lap of luxury, on holiday, surrounded by my loved ones, and reading a book that tells the story of suffering and suffering well.

I am also rereading Homer’s Odyssey while here in his country. Odysseus in Greek translates to “man of pain.” His journey describes our journey still to this day – somehow making sense of things while we move through them. Basking in the beauty while knowing it is short lived. Enjoying rest and recovery without taking it for granted. Practicing gratitude while preparing for glory. This morning Krit and I are up early and enjoying watching the three cruise ships sending their people ashore. We are surrounded by workers preparing the villa’s while the occupants sleep. We are taking it in and taking it easy. We are at rest and grateful to be in Missi’s homeland. Good. We are on holiday and helping each other prepare for what lies ahead on each of our odyssey’s. We are family and still learning how to become all one. We will not arrive at perfect oneness this side of Heaven and yet we will be at our best when helping each other along the way. So, we are together for two weeks to encourage each other mostly with our presence, patience, and the simple power of being with. We are family.

Enjoy your moments of rest, friend. Recover some lost energy. And, remember that life is most extraordinary when we do hard things well. We are transformed through tough tests, not by taking it easy. Enjoy your moments of rest. Recover well. Be transformed, however, by your suffering and suffering well together with your teams. Suffer well through the tough tests designed to render forward a more refined, more complete, more virtuous, and more mature version of you. I’m taking in the beauty and resting up here in Santorini so I may suffer well soon. Today I’m a more peaceful soul. Tests are coming. God, help me trust in you, in my training, and in the teams you’ve placed me in. God, help me enjoy the beauty in this place and be with these people. God, your creation is beauty beyond belief, help me see it in Santorini and in suffering too. God, help me. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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