Yesterday not much went according to plan. Our tour company had us down for a trip around the island on the wrong day. We waited for them to show up for 45 minutes and then found out they wouldn’t be coming for another day, kinda wrecked our plans for Wednesday in paradise. It was fun to see Jordan grab the reins and try to figure out another plan for the day. We tried a trip to another little town that was no bueno. So, we ended up back in Fira and made the most of it. We swam and got silly. I put on goggles and got goofy. We laughed instead of loathed – muy bueno.

Our dinner plans were wrecked too. We were supposed to be having beach barbecues, but with no boat, again, no bueno. Andrew and I were ready to mail it in and just get some filler dinner for the night, but Miss would have none of that. So, she found us the best meal of the trip at a place called Mylos overlooking the Aegean Sea. We laughed at our good fortune as we headed home for the night. It was good.

Last week, I told myself that this trip to paradise would be problematic too. Miss and I preloaded how we wanted to respond when things went off the rails with either our family or the friends that were supporting our trip. We knew that even a trip to paradise, if it involves humans, would include problems. My emotional state yesterday was still uneasy in the problematic moments of truth, but returned to even keel much quicker. Preloading for problems is another mental health 101. Are you preloading today in your place of commerce and community?

So, today, we set sail, a day late but no worse for wear. Today, we’ve preloaded for problems with Jordan as he suffers from motion sickness on an epic scale. We’re hoping for the best and prepared for problems. Tomorrow we take it to Athens and the cradle of western civilization. Our response to whatever lies ahead has been preloaded. Problems are not the problem, it’s our perception and improper response that wrecks us. Preload for problems, even in paradise. Preload. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

1 thought on “Problems…

  1. Loved the Blog! Vulnerability to the max Coach! I can just picture all this happening, especially YOU… when you always said you knew the way on bike trips and we would be 30 miles off track! I am pre-loading for our problematic response on our trip to Alaska!
    Take care Little Man!

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