Scared up…

Yesterday and the day before yesterday, Krits and I scaled the Santorini “hat,” as we called it. This 2.5 mile round trip didn’t look like much until we got to the final leg which was straight up rock climbing, albeit it brief. Grabbing hold of the rocks and pulling up on day one, we both felt adrenaline rush through our system as fear grabbed us in the throat. We could feel the shake of truth once we were safely on top. We laughed at how the fear scared us up. The second go ‘round, or up really, we had Tay in tow. This time Krit went up with relative ease as her system knew what was about to be done had already been “done so,” as Kit Carson liked to say. Confidently she climbed, so much so, that Tay heard a young dude who had been waiting in worry, comment that if she could do it so easily he had to give it a go. Funny, huh.

Life is about learning to do hard things well. We do this by doing hard things, not so well, at least at first. Some things take years to master and some things not so much. Some things will frustrate you at first and some will scare you to pieces. Some things will scare you up. The key is to not let fear keep you down. You and I are meant to live life lit up. We’re meant to burn out bright, not slowly flicker, flicker, and waft away. Sometimes you have to be scared up to go up. Embrace this. Soon, you’ll be loving the challenge of the climb and laughing at once scared you silly. So, friend, today do something you’ve been waiting, worrying, and watching others enjoy. Give it a freakin’ go. It’s alright to be afraid. Just don’t let it keep you down. Grab the first rock, set your right foot, pick a proximate target for your left hand and pull yourself up. Like Krits you’re going to like what once languished you in fear. Soon you just might love it. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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