No mo…

We recently celebrated practice 105 with a team that I began with years ago by naming them the Next four. They were four young leaders at one of my long standing clients and we were building them into one (as we always are). As time went on and tough practices led us to trust each other more and more, I renamed them the Next faux. A year or so ago, they received another name from me and this one has stuck, at least in my mind. This team is No mo. To me, this translates that they are no longer waiting to become leaders, they are no longer fake leaders, they are leaders. No mo. The time is now.

You most likely need to tell yourself no mo. You see, leader, most of you continue to simply do mo. You do more, do more, do more, and then wonder why at the end of the work day you head home telling yourself and then your loved ones – No mo. What’s up with that. Home and loved ones deserve mo, don’t they? I mean what’s the point of going home to be with if you’ve got nothing left in the tank? BTL leaders dream and do, remember. BTL leaders say no mo to many good things so they can go home and still have energy to be with. You see, simply being with those you love requires energy and attention. Slow down and reflect, friend. Slow down.

Many people would assume my mantra is no mo, because I rarely take on more. I manage my time like it’s all I’ve got to give. I say no mo a lot. This allows me to give other BTL builders the ability to say thank you to me and yes please to you. Some of them have grown their business to such a degree that they too are saying no mo and other BTL builders and clients are able to say thank you to them. You see, friend, you don’t become a master at your craft by constantly piling on mo. You build mastery by building better projects whether they be human, hangers, helicopters, or hugely beautiful developments.

You build mastery by saying yes to the best.

You build mastery by saying yes to what aligns with your BTL core, opus, and fits nicely within your days of work. This is simple, not easy. Here’s why. The more mastery you build within and with your aim, the more the world is going to show up and want a piece of you. You are going to have to say no mo to many good things. Say no mo, anyway. Build a few beauties. Leave lots of good work on the table of life. Leave juice in the tank for the trip home tonight. Life is an energy management problem. Take your strong core and authentic opus with you and use it like the compass and map that it is. Stop saying yes to over scheduling everything as if success is defined by doing mo. No mo. The time is now. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Meeks)…

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