Shaming works…

Leader listen up. Shaming works, just not the way most leaders think of shaming. Don’t waste your time shaming the bottom feeders in your system. Instead, shame the best. Yes, you read this correctly – shame your best. Parade around your top performers shamelessly. Make everybody sick of hearing about how good your very best have become. Do not use false praise. Be ccd and simply, honestly, and openly tell the team what the very best among them are doing to put up numbers/results or practice performances that are best in class. Tell the truth about the best. Broadcast it. This will shame all the right people.

You see, high performers do not really like to hear about other high performers. High performers like to hear about themselves (few want to admit this fact). High performers like to see their name at the top of the charts. So, when they keep seeing somebody kicking their butt, they don’t like it. This is the kind of shame you want to spread. Play to the competitive nature of your elite. Shame them into setting slightly higher goals. Do not let them settle. Shaming works. Shame the best, just not the very best. Make those near the top want to reach a bit higher to unseat the top dog or dogs. Shamelessly remind them they are not number one, two, or three but they could be with just a few small, incremental gains. Rub their noses (ever so slightly) in it as you congratulate the podium finishers for their good work. Smile as you broadcast this. Don’t feel bad for highlighting the same people, month in and month out. Shaming works. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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