Done so…

We work with a number of elite teams in commerce, community, and sport. There is an epidemic of anxiety among our young. I’m certain this is not a news flash for most. The root causes are biological, environmental, cultural, and too complex to cover in this short rant. I am convinced that a great starting point to easing your anxiety is to stop the endless, negative chatter in your head. Too many elite individuals invest way too much time thinking endlessly about last nights mistake, today’s tests, and tomorrows expectations. They chew the cud over and over and over. Remember, the main reason we live in a society that doesn’t reflect much is because when you begin to practice slowing down and sitting with stuff for awhile, it sucks the life out of you. Reflecting is a great idea until you start to do it. So do this instead.

Throw up thoughts on paper. Throw up. Stop holding onto your bullshit and thinking it’s going to smell better if you give it more time. Get it out and notice the pattern of your thinking. Anxiety is a complex epidemic but when you develop the habit of writing out your thoughts you eliminate the endless bullshit banter. Your brain will have one less mess or two or three to chew. Clarity comes when the brain has less bullshit with myelin wrapped around it and is able to build neural networks for productive actions instead. You can do more than you think, friend. The power is in your pen. Slow down and sit with this for awhile. Write your thinking. What PA is your writing revealing? Break it down to something smaller, something your brain believes is nothing more than a baby step. Now. Do. It.

Kit Carson, way back in the day, was an uneducated hill jack who turned himself into a legendary American scout and leader. He learned 18 Indian languages and tracked anything and everything. He led expeditions to Oregon and California that forever changed our continent. He had every reason to worry and panic, instead, he simply performed. His habit was that when he had a thought, whatever it was, he turned it into action. His internal mantra was two freakin’ magic words. “Done so.” The more you write, friend, the less you’ll ruminate and the more you’re going to gain energy from reflection that’s been turned into action. Your anxiety is lessened when you do more than you think. Your anxiety is lessened when you gain confidence from baby steps. Your anxiety is lessened when you get out of your head and get moving. We’ve all got fears, friends, the courageous simply act into theirs. You can do likewise. Stop ruminating. Write. Find your clarity. Act. Baby step. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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