Pass to passion…

A BTL team practice participant recently wrote me to share his reflection on a recent promotion that passed him by. His initial reaction was frustration and instant fatigue, like somebody took the air out of his balloon. He was wrecked, wronged, and worried his professional life was wasted. Here’s what I reminded him. This might be just what you need to hear, friend, when you too are left sitting on the bench, on the outside looking in, or passed over for that promotion that had your name on it.

Most hinge moments in life are following perceived adversity.

When I was passed over, way back in the day for a position I thought was mine, it opened my eyes to my passion for pushing others. I was pissed, feeling betrayed, and all wound up to stick it to the man. My bride helped me look at this pass from her perspective and not let it wreck my sorriness. She told me to turn this pass into my passion. She told me this was good and get over it. So, I did. The pass turned into passion. The pass became the path to building BTL. See your pass in this light, friend. The obstacle becomes the way, right? Thanks Miss and Marcus Aurelius. It’s good to have a truth teller and history as your friend and teacher. Pass to passion. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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