The English word Emotion, is derived from the Latin word Motus. Motus means to move. Emotions are meant to move us. If you want to move toward becoming elite, excellent, or the ever popular – best version of yourself, you need to tune your mind to pay particular attention to your arousal emotions. Your primary arousal emotions are negative and positive. The elite use both. Anger, albeit squarely in the negative camp, has fueled many spectacular performances throughout history. Use this as fuel when you lose. Use this as fuel in spurts. Use this when you are dissatisfied with your current state. Use anger to your advantage. Do not let anger, however, use you. Anger, unbridled, will burn you out and eventually burn you up. Use with caution.

There’s nothing like love to get you up and after whatever is your pursuit. Bathe in love. Love your pursuit, the climb, and the challenge. Love the building. Love the practice and the acute pain. Love the smallest of incremental gains. Love your bride, partner, friend, family, and even your foe. Love your work and love your team. Use all the positive vibes/emotions that follow loves lead. Use these positive emotions for a lifetime.

And, remember, the enemy of excellence is found in the passive emotional states.

The elite do not allow contentment or sadness to stay for long. These emotions tell you to sit and feel good about the progress you’ve made or, worse yet, tell you it’s ok to feel sorry for yourself. Normal humans are far too easily pleased said a very wise C.S. Lewis. Energy save mode is your brains default. Build your second nature by moving it. Your best version is not your norm. Your best version is discovered on the climb, while playing, and out in nature when clarity arrives as you watch the sunrise or set. Use your emotions, friend. Use your reason. Figure it out. I mean come on man, God gave you both emotion and reason, it makes no sense to not use both!

What are your emotions telling you, friend? Use your arousal emotions and sound reason to keep working toward becoming your best, toward becoming BTL. Use motus. Do not let it use you. Life is hard. Grief and sadness are coming if they aren’t already here. Do not navigate these emotions a lone. Give a hand and grab one too. Move toward another, toward becoming all one. Go be with. Ask God for help when nothing this side of Heaven makes sense. God, help me know when to use which emotion. God, help me swallow false pride and ask for help. God, help me model the way, embrace pain and suffering, and embody truth in love. God, help me.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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