Twin towers…

The twin towers of your emotional life are the ability to resist impulse and express compassion. Tough mindset. Tender heart. Both are built/revealed in moments of truth. The first tower is built in moments of toughness. The ability to will yourself through something hard and resist the pain messages in your head, is a tough mindset. The ability to stand alone, is a tough mindset. The ability to listen to hard truths from a trusted friend or not so friendly foe is a tough mindset. The ability to stay true to your vows when temptation tickles your fancy, is a tough mindset. Poise under pressure reveals a tough mindset. Build this tower, friend. Good.

The twin tower is built in moments of compassion. The choice to help someone who has no way to pay you back, is tender hearted. The willingness to offer a hand to a grieving, hurting, or wounded teammate, is tender hearted. Caring enough to lend an ear, and/or a shoulder to that same hurting human, is tender hearted. The ability to love the least and the lost is tender hearted. Build this twin tower, friend. Build a tender heart.

The twin towers of your emotional life are a tough mindset and a tender heart. Tough and tender. You have to lean against some built in tendencies to build one of these towers, much less both. These towers, however, are essential for remaining calm, consistent, and executing with excellence toward whatever is your aim. You see, your emotional life has to keep pace with your technical life if you are to succeed through the tough tests. Build your twin towers now, friend. Character is who you are. What comes out of you under pressure simply reveals what’s been inside all along. If you don’t like how you respond when the pressure’s on, slow down and think about your twin towers. Resist impulse. Express compassion. Left foot. Right foot. God, help me build the twin towers. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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