No stability without volatility…

There is no stability without volatility. Do not get too comfortable in whatever is your work. Embrace the adversity. Fire dissipates without obstacles in the way. Fact. You too lose energy when whatever you’re working toward does not push back and make you do what you can. So, friend, run with your idea. Take the risk. Back in the day, innovators, oftentimes, had to risk it all. Not so today. I just enjoyed a new product from the paleo chef. I Found her, through my bride, on Instagram. Her Phat Fudge is great in my coffee and as a low sugar substitute on the bike. She created her new line of food products because her digestive system was beyond volatile – it was a wreck. Combating her food allergies led to her new career. Her newfound stability came through her digestive volatility. Fact.

So, friend, embrace adversity. Don’t put your head down, instead pick your sorriness up and look around. Whatever stuff you just stepped in is fuel for your next expression. There is no long term stability without experiencing and understanding volatility. Stability is built through volatility, not through the status quo. BTL practice is volatile. We are in the business of making people uncomfortable, not because we enjoy wrecking havoc, but because we know there is no stability without volatility. Work with us and wake up. Expect it to feel worse before it gets better. Fact. Slow down and sit with this for awhile. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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