Undivided attention…

Clarify your vision. Know why you are here. Deliberately practice every aspect of the game. Study and disect the course and form a plan of attack. Match your game to your strategy each day. When you are “on” pick the most aggressive targets. When your “B or C game shows up,” pick more conservative ones. When you address the ball, focus attention exclusively on one question and only one question. “What is my target?” Make this your mantra. Always pick a specific target and give it your most precious commodity – your undivided attention. Make a fearless swing toward your target. Regardless the flight of your golf ball, when you address it for your next shot, focus your undivided attention exclusively on one question and only one question. What is my target?

According to Dr. Gio Valiante, in his book Fearless Golf, this is the framework for mastering the game of golf, arguably the toughest mental game to play. Recently I re-read this book after first reading it almost a decade ago. The applications to BTL and to mastering this infinite game we call life, stunned me. Leaders if you want a team to run through walls for you give them more of your undivided attention. We have a shortage of focused leaders and this shortage is growing. We are distracted, divided, and doing too many things at the same time. Multitask things, not people. Focus your undivided attention on the teammate you’re with. Become a master at being interested. Good.

Secondly, know the questions you habitually ask yourself when adversity strikes. For many reading this, these questions need to change. Too many humans we work with at BTL are suffering from anxiety, incessant worry, and unease. Too many are hard on self and down on self. Too many are asking the wrong questions. Too many ask themselves questions that bring them down instead of pick ‘em up. Here’s a few examples of questions that are focused on the wrong target. How did I end up in the weeds again, omg it’s time to swing for the fences, right? What the hell just happened? Is anybody watching? How can I get outa here with minimal damage to my rep? Why do I keep getting over served at parties? What is wrong with me, I’m just one hot mess, aren’t I?

Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off. Be hard on self, not down on self. Change your questions. What is my target? Focus your undivided attention on your target, period. Fearlessly swing again. Pick another target. Rinse and repeat. Learn. Pick better targets. Life is a lot like golf, huh. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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