This morning I met with one of my twenty strong clients. I am blessed with being surrounded by strong men and women who trust me to play some small role in making them do what they can. My job is to mostly remind them. We humans require lots of reminders, don’t we.

Most humans listen to noise. My job is help them tune into more signal. Today, after reading what amounted to nothing but noise, I reminded my client to tune into his station instead. He is a genius when he plays to his strategic strength. This dude can outthink about anybody in his field when he’s tuned in and giving his attention to straight signal and blocking out all the noise. His problem is he gets distracted by the noise. So, I reminded him this turns him into a dumbass. He’s not good at dealing with drama, regulating others emotions, and winning over others with his eloquent, empathetic words – not his wheelhouse. Fact. We have other leaders on his team who thrive here. So, I reminded him to delegate what weakens him and play to his teammates strengths. Stop trying to deal with stuff that drags your ass down, I reminded him as we laughed at how obvious the signal was once we took our attention off the noise. You’re a genius when you play the long, strategic game, I told him with shoot in my eyes. He felt better in an instant. We laughed as he wrote down his well thought out productive action and freed his mind to focus strategically.

You, most likely, are a lot like my genius client this early am.

You, leader, cannot be all things to all people. You know this. In fact, you most likely coach others around you to play the infinite game, focus on what they can control, trust the process, stop resulting, and don’t let the naysayers get in your head. You are caught in the knowing/doing trap. You know what to do and yet don’t do it. You need reminding as do I. So, leader, take more of your own advice. Tune into pure signal. Let the noise roll right on by. Trust the strong core you’re building and focus your eyes on opus, your labor of love. Give your full attention to your aim. Make a committed swing and let it rip. Wherever your shot lands, enjoy the walk as you make your way there. Pick another target. Smile at the obstacles in your way and look right past them. Keep your eye on the prize. Make another committed swing. Rinse and repeat. We’ve all got the opportunity to be a genius or a dumbass. Feed your strengths and become more domain specifically strong. I mean come on man, only a dumbass would keep doing what drags ‘em down, right? You are a genius in the making. Play like it. Yeah, baby.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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