Open a book. Any book. What do you see? Well, Captain Obvious, you will see words, sentences, and paragraphs. You will see periods, commas, and other syntax/symbols. You may even see illustrations and pictures on some pages. What else?

This is not a trick question, I reminded two clients yesterday. They stumbled to see anything else until I primed them to look around more. White space, they exclaimed, overjoyed that they could now shut me up and move things along. So, I asked them if they knew why. Neither did. Do you? The root reason all books have margins is because our brain gets overwhelmed when it sees nothing but characters all across the page. Publishers have forever understood our human nature and built in margin so we’ll keep reading just a little bit longer before becoming overwhelmed.

Your brain needs margin to focus fully in the moment. Are you scheduling your day with margin in it? Do you allow yourself to run from one planned moment to the next? Are you busy in the car, on the plane, and the train? You cannot do your best work without margin. Too much of a good thing is not a good thing. Create margin. I read and write everyday because I schedule time when I’m free to be. I can read, write, run, walk, ride, hike, or even go for a ride on my bike. I can sit, pray, sleep, talk, or toil in the soil. I can watch Coldplay’s concert from Jordan at sunrise and sunset with my Miss and hold her hand. I can cry as music moves me to be a better man. I can connect with old friends, sip coffee, wine, tea, or just be quiet and let it be. Life is an infinite game, so is love. You don’t win at either by scheduling yourself wall to wall, without margin. You are not your position. You aren’t winning by being the busiest. You don’t win in life or love when you have to fit them into your already filled schedule. Create more margin. Live. Love. Be. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks). I hope you know a dog taught me most of this. He always had time. Funny, huh…

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