En brera…

June 7th, 1967 is a huge day in history. You see, June 7th marks the date the Jewish people took back their city, “the old city,” for the first time in over two thousand years. Yes, you read correctly – 2000 years! King David, you know the one from way back in the Old Testament, led the last Jewish occupation. In 1967 this small but mighty nation took back what is rightfully theirs and did it against all odds; and, alone. Nobody came to help her. The U.N. did nothing. The French; nothing. British? Nothing. The U.S.A. did nothing.

Israel stood. Alone.

Yet, somehow, on June 7th, almost 53 years ago, the Israeli flag flew over the Western Wall. The Israeli leaders from Moshe Dayan down to Uzi Eilat are amazing examples to study and learn from. As they gave orders throughout the war that sounded impossible and even crazy they “anded” a Hebrew phrase at the end – “En brera.” This is the mindset of high performers. Few can relate because only a few are willing to go it alone. Leaders go it alone, oftentimes. The Israeli army is filled with the few, by the way. You see, they have no alternative. A nation that is 9 miles wide at the waist can’t afford an army with only a few “all in.” Study them and apply your learning. A good place to start your study would be to read Steven Pressfields beauty titled The Lions Gate. In Pressfields book you’ll learn the Hebrew phrase these Israeli leaders embody, is a ccd beauty – “En brera” – NO alternative.

Study. Learn. Apply. Alone.

Figure it out. Make it a done so decidre – no alternative – En brera. What friend are you willing to stand alone for? Where do you need an En brera mindset? Write down a few potential “no opt out” areas in your work/life. Pick a target to persevere. Choose a baby step of PA. Now, who are you going to ask to help you stay strong? Slow down and sit with this for awhile. You’re not a victim, so don’t even think about taking up residence in victimhood. Remember who you are – you are becoming BTL. So, get up. Stand. Give yourself no opt out, no alternative. En brera. Now. Do. The. Work. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)..

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