Know why…

No why? No way. Fact. You see, friend, most of our big dreams, audacious adventures, and stretch goals are hatched when we’re warm and cozy in front of our fireplaces and feeling comfortable. All kinds of crazy ideas are concocted in the comfort of the cocoon, so to speak. Nothing wrong with this, it’s just the way humans tend to work. If, however, you actually want to achieve what you’re after, you need to anticipate the obstacles in your way before you find 15% climbs around the next Col du Galibier switchback. If you don’t have clarity of why your aim is worth the effort in these MOT (moments of truth), your obstacle is gonna shred your spirit. No why. No way.

However, if you dream big while you’re comfortable (almost all my craziness comes from the comfort of our warm/cozy office, btw) you need to anticipate the obstacles and prepare your mind to answer in the affirmative when you clearly see some nasty stuff in your way. You’ve got to know why you’re here, why you’re headed into hard things, and why it matters to you and yours. You have to believe the obstacle is the way or you will find yourself turning away, easing up in the acute pain, and choosing something less than your best. No why? No way.

Know why? Know the way (I freakin’ love word changes, if you haven’t noticed by now).

Dream big, friend. Dream and do. Do the work to prepare for bringing your big dream into reality. And, don’t forget to anticipate the obstacles and how you’re gonna answer them when they show up along the way. Pre-load your response. Pre-load it. Marry your mantra so you will marry the mundane and make the most of MOT’s. “Keep working. Live hard. Love harder.” These are words that carry me upward and onward. Have you built your mantra to go alongside your strong core and authentic opus? Are you starting to understand why clarity is critical, friend? Slow down and build resolve not some candy ass New Years resolution. Know why. Know the way. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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