Bullshit and bee stings…

Dream and do. Dream and do. Dream and do. You’ve heard this before, friend. The BTL way forward, toward the life of your destiny, is found on the dream and do trail. We believe all humans have a song to sing, a canvas to cover, a bridge to build, a client to serve, a team to lead, a friend to help along, and unique gifting and wiring toward becoming the original you already are, you’re just too afraid to be. So, out of fear, the mass of humanity gets busy on the do do trail. As of this writing we do not where this trail leads. It appears to be a lot like I270 or any other outerbelt around our great country. It’s filled with cars but it’s not going anywhere unless you know which exit to take. The do do trail is like an endless 270 doing loops, doing loops, and doing loops some more. Eventually you run out of gas, left with the feeling of what was the point, really.
Dream and do, instead. Kinda like the Israelites of old, the promised land is your destiny. Metaphorically this dreamland is flowing with milk and honey. Don’t believe this means the dream and do trail is all buttterfly kisses, however. Think about it. If your destiny is milk and honey, this means there’s gonna be bulls and bees. You know what this means, right?
Bullshit and bee stings.
Dream and do is no easy way. You see, friend, there is no easy way to anything excellent. You were not made for easy either. You were made to become and belong. You were meant to become the original God designed you to become. You were meant to aim at excellence and never stop working (opus) toward your dreamland. Your were meant to belong too. None of us is designed to go it a lone. We are meant to receive and give love, lots and lots of love. We are meant to belong and give courage to each other along the dream and do trail. We are meant to move from a lone toward all one – one L of a difference. We are meant to become one, distinct and deeply connected. Together we’re dreaming and doing. The bullshit and bee stings are obstacles in the way. No biggee. We’ve got our eyes focused on the milk and honey.
Bullshit and bee stings. Milk and honey. Where, friend, is your focus? You choose. Your choices have consequences. Good.
Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…


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