Secret weapon…

Soon we will celebrate practice 110 with a team of grapplers. We will go back over ground that many of them have already traversed. We will bring some of the newbies along for the first time. We will pull others up to levels they’ve not reached. We will read, write, speak, and listen. A few will become more distinctly who they are. Some will sense a deeper connection, especially with their BTL buddy (former SEAL buddy, we’re not SEALs). We will learn about ourselves and our teammates. We will experience being cared for, especially by those who care enough to hear our hearts, push us to reach our potential, and kick our butts when we don’t go “full thrust.”

A team of 34 athletes and 7 coaches will get tired together in another BTL team practice. They will not build job skills during our practice. They will not learn technique to perform take downs. They will not build physical endurance, increase their VO2 max, or lengthen their lactate threshold. They will not study film and learn anything about their future opponents. Yet, according to Coach Ryan, these practices are what he believes are their secret weapon. He believes in building the whole athlete and he believes that these practices do just that. He believes that we’re building a stronger mind, a closer culture, and providing these men with a gift they will use in life after the mat. He is right.

What do you believe about your team, leader? What gifts beside a paycheck do they receive from you? How do you demonstrate how much you care for them, not just what they do for you? Here’s what I believe. I believe Grappy and I are growing old but not tired together. I believe we are becoming all ONE. I believe his team knows that we love them, we love each other, and we love our work. I believe this is the root of endurance. Yes fear is a good motivator, it will keep you alive for awhile. Love is pure energy and puts life, full, beautiful, unexplainable, life in your being. Love your work, leader. Love your team. And, remember that long distance love is difficult. Be with. Practice giving your presence and your full attention. Be one, distinct and deeply connected. The secret weapon is no secret. The secret weapon is love. Good.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

1 thought on “Secret weapon…

  1. Yes! So good. So simple, yet so hard. People feel your love. Authenticity is real and you can’t fake it. What I’ve learned working with BTL is the importance of TIL (truth in love) and embracing hard conversations. As long as they are love-based, they are productive. Love this post. Maybe the most important message you guys bring to the table. A team that “loves” with true agape love is Magic. Thanks for sharing Chet.

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