Today, we are going to practice 7 good minutes again. We are far from mastering the art of connecting, friend. Whatever team you’re leading, leader, will not perform at its peak without a sense of safety, shared transparency, and a passionate purpose. Scientists now have a word for this way of being beyond chemistry – concordances. The key to creating concordances in your community comes down to the ability to stay curious and simply listen. No comments, just curiousity. Masters don’t rely on their mouth to communicate they are actively tuned in. They’ve come to learn that our bodies are the best tool to communicate deep listening.


Here’s another recent discovery – It’s almost impossible to communicate empathy when speaking. Slow down and sit with this thought for awhile. The times when, literally, the hair on your neck and arms stand up is when someone is totally consumed with understanding you. At BTL, we are committed to practicing 7 good minutes to the point of mastering the creation of these moments. You see, team, nothing matters until we create a culture of safety, a culture where we have a sense belonging. All humans want to belong and become. And, these two are in some kinda perpetual conflict, aren’t they?
We do not become our best selves without sensing we belong. Don’t minimize this. Many teams do. Great cultures create belonging, build a sense of shared vulnerability, and unify around a passionate purpose. Great cultures are led by people who are becoming their own man or woman, who love the work, and love the team. Become the original you are, friend. Bury the fear. Build culture in your twenty square feet, please. Belong and become. Keep working. Never stop building.


Today, we’re going to practice 7 good minutes and create some belonging. We aren’t going to taste the depth of concordance, but we’re going to get better. Masters understand practice and more practice is the road to the performance we can’t quite explain, but can’t wait to replicate. What, friend, are you practicing today to create mastery in your craft? Good.


Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

1 thought on “Concordances…

  1. So true “…it’s almost impossible to communicate empathy when speaking.” The flip side good news AND is “it’s almost impossible NOT to communicate empathy when asking curious questions and tuning in like an animal being stalked.”

    Good one, Toto.

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