It’s not just business…

“It’s just business,” is a term frequently used to explain away bad behavior. The truth is that it’s not, it is not just business. So, friend, the next time you feel the need to use this phrase to explain away the way you’ve treated another human being or collection of human beings, stop yourself and look inside. You friend, are not simply a businessman or woman. You are a human being with a deep desire for justice, beauty, spirituality, autonomy, love, purpose, accomplishment, and community. You are complex and growing moreso as you mature. The problem is you and I live a divided existence. Whenever you say complicated disclaimers like, “it’s just business,” it’s because your ego, mistaken identity, or greed has seperated you from your spiritual self. You’re lost and don’t yet know it. Wake up.


It’s not just business. Every interaction we have with human beings is an interaction with an immortal soul. We either allow these interactions to make us more complex (BTL word would be distinct) and mature or we choose to feed our ego, false sense of self, and make our lives more complicated. You know this is true when you slow down and evaluate the decisions of your life, both personal and professional. It’s not just business. It’s not just what boys do when they go on “boys trips.” It’s not just girl chatter. It’s not just the way we do things around here, either.


You and I choose how we react to the input of life. Complex and mature (the road to distinct and deeply connected). Ego-centric and complicated (the road to a lone and disconnected). You choose. Your choices have consequence. If you find yourself offering up disclaimers like, “it’s just business,” you would be wise to slow down and better understand the thinking behind this rationalization. “It’s complicated,” you might respond. Not really, huh. Which road are you on, friend?


Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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