Loners to owners…

Do not over operate in another humans space – this is micro managing. Do not under operate either – this is irresponsible. Finding the sweet spot is where teams flourish. Too much operating by another in your space leads to a high performer feeling smothered or a low performer being coddled. Too little, leads to high performers not being pushed to their peak and low performers not being held accountable. Sometimes leaders choose to over operate. Sometimes, the very same leader chooses to under operate. This is wise when done, well, wisely. This too is difficult.


Leaders have to find the sweet spot and keep pushing it out. Systems, remember, tend toward equilibrium, toward the status quo if you will. Human systems require leadership to maintain healthy equilibrium as they grow. This will lead to more conflict between corporate and the field, or any other variety of “us vs them.” The leaders job is to somehow remain above them all, yet stay connected too. The leaders job is to become one, distinct and deeply connected. The leaders job is to transform a team from a bunch of loners to owners – from a lone toward all one, remember. The leaders job is to orchestrate all of this somewhat covertly, behind the scenes leaving the lone wolves to think it was their idea to join the pack. This too is difficult.


Building a completely self managed team is delusional, it should be obvious. There are no self managed systems, unless you believe the universe somehow manages itself. Everything rises and falls on leadership. Stop looking up, down, and all around for someone else to hold accountable/blame. Be the change. Learn when to over operate for the health of the system and when to under operate too. Your system needs leadership to level up. In your system, friend, act as if that leader is you. Good, your system just got better.


Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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