Hedgehog and fox…

I’ve got a friend named Dub who admires Warren Buffett. His opus is becoming a master investor/leader like the famous nearly 90 year old from Omaha. In my mind, he’s well on his way. So, I’ve decided to study a little Buffett to broaden my learning a little further in the financial field, if you will. Most of my study isn’t focused on the financial as there are many coaches/advisors better equipped than I’ll ever be. However, only seven pages into the book Outsiders, by William Thorndike, I’m feeling very much at home. The eight top CEO’s of all time are highlighted in this read and right off the bat it sounds like most of ‘em followed the BTL model unknowingly. All of them were humble, matter of fact types who avoided the spotlight, believed in decentralized power and authority, defied conventional protocol and instead were positive deviants who didn’t follow their peers.


I’m digging this read and funny, I thought it was gonna be all kinda boring like most of the other Harvard Business Review reads of my previous experience. I guess like the eight iconic outsiders, I might need to slow down my judging brain and not judge the book by it’s cover. So good to read outside your comfort zone, friend. Sometimes you study like the hedgehog (who does one thing very, very well) and stay in the lane of your mastery’s domain. Sometimes you study like a fox (who is clever, cunning, and creative) and learn about many different things. For me becoming foxlike involves studying finance. Remember, great leaders are hedgehogs and foxes. Iconic leaders are operators and investors. What, leader, are you studying outside your stated domain?


Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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