Basic stuff done well…

The book titled Reality is Broken, by Jane Mcgonigal is a worthwhile read. Jane is a leading video game designer and in her book she describes why so many of our young people find such great joy in playing games, especially playing video games online.


In the real world of work, friends, we don’t level up like we do when playing Fortnite. In reality, we don’t level up quickly or in a linear, up and to the right fashion. Life is more fits and starts, right? Many of us have grown impatient, however, and adopted a video game mentality to our professional life. We expect to level up quickly and frequently. We want the dopamine drip and don’t want to deal with the mundane reality of long stints on the plateau. Masters are a little more realistic. Masters, you see, marry the mundane. Masters understand the real world doesn’t work like a video game. Masters understand that the road to mastery is filled with lots of basic stuff.


Basic stuff done really, really well.


Basic training is what led to the creation of one of my favorite core building tools – The TRX. The SEAL who created the TRX knew the SEAL’s needed to keep training even when away from their gymnasiums. So, he created a suspension trainer they could take on the road, so to speak. You see, friend, the SEAL’s do basic stuff over and over and over again. Basic training doesn’t end when the SEAL’s graduate from BUD’s. They keep training, keep working, and keep focusing on small, incremental gains. They keep learning basic stuff to the point of uncommon mastery.


Basic stuff done well is the recipe for great food too. Master chefs have the same basic ingredients, you and I have. They just know how to put them together to make something magic and memorable. The same is true in whatever is your chosen profession, friend. What bores your coworkers is what could make you great. Marry the mundane. Find meaning in what others find boring. Reality is not broken. Reality is all we’ve got. In the real world it takes time to level up in regards to position and title. Sometimes, a long time.  However, if you keep training, keep getting stronger, and keep improving your performance, nature will eventually reward you. Patience. Reality isn’t broken. Your expectations, however, may by. Keep working in alignment with your core and toward the aim of your opus. Don’t simply do, do, and do some more. Dream and do. Basic stuff done really, really well. Good.


Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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