A peloton is defined as “the main field or group of cyclists in a race,” according to the Oxford dictionary. When we ride around Powell and out into the surrounding counties, we ride as a peloton of five to fifteen cyclists. It’s safer in the peloton as most cycling fatalities come when riding a lone. It’s faster in the peloton too as the pack pulls you along  and gives you power you wouldn’t muster on your own. I rarely ride alone except when doing hill repeats in my hood. It’s just better together.

I disdain riding indoors. Riding a lone on the stationary trainer is like some kind of slow death to me. I just can’t do it. Until now, that is. Miss and I rode the Peloton bike on vacation last month and we were both hooked at the end of our first ride. We rode it again in KC the following week and invited Josh and Krit over to our hotel to check it out – they too were hooked in an instant. They bought one and so did we. Ours arrived on February 7th and I’ve been on it every day except for two. The time flies as the instructor coaches you up and down imaginary hills, models the way, and makes you do what you can. I can’t believe how much I like riding a lone when it’s on the Peloton bike. My new winter cardio routine just upgraded. I will still ride outside once the weather clears, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing better than the camaraderie of my cycling buddies and our Powell peloton.

Downer, Doc, jmo, Blondie, PJ, Shoe, Littlest Fricker, Grappy, George, Dan, Mikethemiller, and a few others make the pedaling around Powell one of my favorite ways to sweat together. Together we transform. Always together. So, if you happen to have a Peloton bike in your house, shoot me your handle so we can encourage each other as we form a virtual peloton of sorts. My handle is CES1959. And, if you happen to be a cyclist living in cbus, shoot me your email and we’ll add you to our invite list. We can always use another rider in our Powell peloton too. Safety and strength in numbers. Good…

3 thoughts on “Peloton…

  1. _romans828 – look forward to connecting on Peloton. I agree it’s pretty awesome. I’m a new bike rider so not sure I’m ready to ride with the big crew but sounds awesome! Hope you’re well Chet!

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