Slow down. Make some notes. Smile…

I love Saturday’s. You see, Saturday’s I get to study some of my favorite teams on their performance stages. Yesterday, I watched KU men’s basketball play one of their worst games of the year and I loved it. Dok (unstoppable force inside) got hurt early and the team had to adjust to adversity in front of a hostile crowd (Wildkitty city/Manhattan, Ks). They did.

I made some notes.

Next, I flipped it over to BTN and tuned into another favorite team of mine – OSU women’s basketball. They were playing their regular season finale at Purdue. The game looked like it was decided in the opening minutes. The Buckeye’s played with an attitude and energy. The three balls weren’t falling (under 20% for the game) so they used effort (steals, extra passes, rebounds) to make winning plays. The bench was all smiles and positive energy. It was contagious. Purdue was done in on their senior night. Good.

I made some more notes and smiled to myself.

Lastly, Miss and I made our way to The Woody Hayes indoor facility at OSU to watch our favorite soccer team. We just started working with them and haven’t even begun BTL team practice (we’re just working with the leader – Lori for now, as we always do to begin) with these amazing athletes yet. I listened to Lori coach up her team with simple, ccd commands and curious questions at the half. Miss and I loved seeing this team up close and competing. Lots of young talent with such a positive energy.

I made more notes and shared some smiles and laughs with Miss as we made our way home. It was another good Saturday filled with work and play. It had begun with Downer, PJ, jmo, Blondie, Littlest Fricker, Slo, and me in the 3PP laughing, playing, and working our asses off. It continued with me and my new peloton crew as I hopped on the bike, already drenched and drained, and found some reserves I didn’t know were there. From there it was more kairos time with Miss and Nickies, her 100 year old dad. We shared a meal with meaning. He had just lost his 99 year old friend and was grieving deeply his loss. We took him to Northstar and filled him up with more than food. We fed his soul with presence and patience. He’s running out of energy, you see, and needed us to give him some of ours.

I made some more notes.

Remember this, friends, life is an energy management problem. Attitude fuels effort. We’ve all got drains and all kinds of pains. Your teams need you to model the way, leader. They need you to embrace pain, not run from it. And, more than anything, leader, they look to you when they need some love. And they are looking for love. I mean come on man, aren’t we all?

So, buck the hell up leader. Model the way. Embrace pain and suffering. Embody truth in love. These are three bolted on principles I aim to live. Never perfectly. I’m choosing to aim at progress over perfection. Yesterday was freakin’ magic in the making. Work and play fueled by more love than pain. Good. Ask God for help. Real good.

Slow down. Make some notes. Smile…

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