Practice 38 in the Windy City was some kind of freakin’ magic. We were missing half the team due to travel but we didn’t miss a beat. Nothing went according to plan. We didn’t do anything I had prepared us to do. So how was it freakin’ magic? We went where few teams go, we went wherever the practice took us and it took us down some difficult bunny holes. We went there anyway. We sent pairs of teammates out of practice like I’ve never seen in eighteen years of BTL team practice. We sent them away to have some honest conversation and they came back to us better. We learned, again, that most conflict is simply a hard conversation to be had. We learned to stop fearing “being that guy,” and instead remember we already are that guy – so be it. We learned that sticking to disciplines allows us to know where to break the rules in all the right places. We must master the disciplines before we break them, remember.


Practice 38 was filled with reminders but please stop calling them that.


Practice 38 was filled with learning, lots and lots of learning. Masters don’t tell other teammates bullshit like, “I didn’t learn anything new today but I was reminded of this, that and the other thing.” Masters are lifelong learners, remember. So, they tell themselves they don’t know much of anything and get busy getting after more learning and then learn some mo. Do not let your ego tell you you know your craft, friend. Tell yourself you don’t know sh*t. Come in stupid everyday with an attitude of soaking in learning and more learning around what you think you know. I’m certain I know more than you about the heart of high performance and I walk in stupid to every practice and tell myself to learn some mo. How ‘bout you friend. What are you learning to deepen your mastery in your domain of dominance?


You don’t need reminders. You want a lifetime of learning. Masters are lifelong learners. You?

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