Jim Gant, former Green Beret and author of the book One Tribe At A Time, had just explained to a number of my clients how hard it was to do his job when our military bureaucracy got in the way, the Afghan government fought him, and the Taliban wrecked havoc. I turned to him that afternoon and asked him what kept him going. I curiously awaited his response. I didn’t have to wait long. “My sense of identity,” he replied in an instant. He had written out his identity word – Warrior, and the book behind it. He knew who he was and why he was in it. This wasn’t a check the box kinda identity. This was built in the crucible. This was real. This kept him going.


Your identity is your anti-anxiety pill.


What keeps you going when you find yourself overwhelmed and all kinda entities arranged against you? Do you know who you are? Do you know whose you are? Do you know why you’re here? Do you know where you’re going? Do you know whose in control? Have you made peace with your place? Last night, I had another dark night of the soul as I was awakened by a bad dream and felt coronavirusoutofcontrol. I recounted a number of Psalms, repeated The Lord’s Prayer, and reminded myself whose I am and who I am. It was a hard night in my head because my sense of identity needs strengthening. We’re in the crucible. Shit’s getting real. Are you?


Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

4 thoughts on “Identity…

  1. Chet,

    Strength and Honor.
    Now is the time we all have to stand together (or 6 feet apart) and think of the collective good. As individuals we have to take care of ourselves (not get sick) so that we can help those who are. If we can help those at the front lines – doctors, health care professionals, firemen, police, security officer at airports, grocery store workers, all the city, county, state and national government employees, those who have to work to survive, and the countless other occupations out there who are keeping our country running – we should do so.
    My dad and I send each other the following message every single morning. “Be good. Do good. Be with.” I stole that from you.
    I guess we should add “Be smart. Be safe.” And remember the most powerful trait that we have is our “spirit”…the human spirit given to us by God – once stirred our spirit can do mighty things.
    Seattle is locked-down but we send our love!
    John 14:6
    Jim Gant

  2. Great words guys. Appreciate it. Especially right now. I continue to focus on my core and the work I’ve done which is certainly helping me right now! 🙏🙏. Romans 28:8

  3. Trying to keep my full focus right now is not easy but I am able to keep my focus on that which guides. My core has been built upon the promises that have been given to us via Jehovah God. I am working out my faith muscles full time right now and relying fully upon His promises.

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