I see you…

I was riding my Peloton bike the other day and just cruising along, like it was more of a recovery ride than a training one. Most of my rides, btw, are like this. I go really hard about once a week, cruise around for two or three, and train for endurance two or three times/week. Back when we were still social, the 3PP was open three days a week for strength and core training. I view the core/strength training time as the most critical to my health. I believe my strong core has been the catalyst for the mitigation of chronic pain. I believe in embracing acute pain and avoiding harm. Moving along…

As I was cruising on my Peloton, I noticed a number of virtual “high fives” being sent to me by my fellow riders. Part of the peloton community is the ability to see each other on the leaderboard and give high fives to your fellow competitors. It’s nice when someone high fives you. I always high five them back, look to see if I may know them, and then don’t give it another thought. The instructors bark out instructions and call out encouragement to the live studio riders and even to those of us around the globe who are celebrating a milestone like 50th, 100th, or 1000th ride. Well, the other day on my cruise ride, I was going through the motions and mostly chillin’ when I looked at my screen and did a double take. The instructor, a dude named Ben, had just high fived me. I’m on my 37th ride and this had never happened before. This wasn’t like the other high fives. I felt like my leader, Ben, really had his eyes on me and it changed my pedal stroke. I looked down at my speed and without even knowing it, I had gone from 18mph to 20.5mph. Immediately a Duchenne smile creased my face. My performance just like your teams, leader, changes when I feel my leaders eyes upon me.

“I see you” is powerful even when it’s virtual. I see you.

So, the BTL band is making use of Zoom and running some amazing virtual team practices. We see you. You see us. We see our leaders and just seeing them makes us better. Do not undervalue seeing your team, leader. You can’t “be with” during this coronacrisis, but you can still see them. Figure it out. We, your BTL Builders, are going to be seeing more of you and each other during this coronacrisis. We are leveling up and not even entertaining the thought of a return to the old normal. This crisis is an opportunity to level up our performance and yours. I see you. Lets go.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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