Education. Energy. Edge.


Remember, the best communicators are not necessarily the best educated. They are, however, masters at connecting their message to the right audience. We buy from the human that is educated about us and our needs. We don’t need degrees and titles to tell us we ought to listen up. We need to sense they know their stuff and, most of all, they know why it matters to us. Do you?


We buy from the human that is educated around why she’s here and what her company is the best in the world at. When she connects her why’s to our needs, we tune in like a banchee. We buy from someone whose education creates a sense of belief. We trust the words from someone that communicates with the proper energy. We believe them when their energy is believable, it matches the moment, mood, and comes from some place meaningful, or so we perceive. We don’t buy when they use lots of words, especially freakin’ fancy ones. We buy, remember, from the missionary man. We believe them. We buy their sincere edge. We can’t, oftentimes, describe it but we buy it nonetheless. Are you believable? Are you setting an unmistakable edge?


Education. Energy. Edge. 3E’s of master connectors. Build skill here, friend. Keep working. Good…

1 thought on “3E’s…

  1. I absolutely agree that master communicators make exceptional leaders. The first presidential election I was eligible to cast a vote was 1984 and I pulled the lever for Ronald Reagan who is probably one of the greatest communicators I’ve seen in my short time on this side of the dirt. However, those who are not grounded are easily swayed. There is much chatter these days about what is going on the world. I have listened to some of the things being spoken and there is a grain of truth in what some are saying but then they tend to go off the rails and are starting to lead some astray.

    Jesus Christ was the greatest communicator in history. The second greatest communicator in history, although it is not even close with the gap between them, is Satan. When Satan tried to tempt Christ in the desert, he used some grains of truth but distorted the overall message. Christ was able to see through his lies and deceit as He was fully grounded within the eternal truths of Jehovah God. He clearly knew who He was and what His overarching mission for the world.

    I daily work to go though the exercise to keep myself grounded in the eternal truths of Jehovah God in order to not be led astray and to lead those in my family and those who I am able to make contact with into His loving arms.

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